SEO and Analytics

I am skilled in optimizing copy, graphics, photographs, and design for both news articles and landing pages.

Below I have highlighted major SEO successes in both optimized content I have written or content I edited and managed while at FamilySearch.

I wrote and optimized 2 articles that were in the top 10 landing pages on (site-wide) that generated traffic from Google

Combined, Find Your Doppelganger and Cousin Chart generated over 900,000 impressions in one month.

Content I write and manage consistently create the most public accounts

The following screenshot shows a sharp rise in created accounts and visits, which is largely attributed to strategic content I wrote and optimized, Find Your Doppelganger and Cousin Chart.

I rank #1 or first page on Google for over 75% of the keywords I track.

A majority of the keywords I manage and rank for have monthly search volumes over 1,000.