SEO and Analytics

Below I have highlighted major SEO successes for either content I created or managed (researched, edited, and tracked) while at FamilySearch.

I wrote and optimized 2 articles that were in the top 10 landing pages on (site-wide) that generated traffic from Google.

Combined, Find Your Doppelganger and Cousin Chart generated over 900,000 impressions in one month.

The content I optimize and manage consistently creates the most public accounts.

In particular, Find Your Doppelganger generates at least 1,000 new accounts and attracts over 10,000 unique visitors weekly (see below). Since its publication, the article has led to over 85,000 new public accounts.

I rank #1 or first page on Google for over 75% of the keywords I track.

A majority of the keywords I manage and rank for have monthly search volumes over 1,000.

In addition to ranking in the top ten results, the content I optimize (highlighted in yellow) is frequently featured in Google Discover.