Study shows LGBT BYU students at higher risk for depression

BYU senior Brenna McGrath was in the process of slowly overdosing herself with medication when her class held a panel for BYU’s unofficial LGBT club, Understanding Same-Gender Attraction.

“USGA saved my life,” said McGrath, who identifies as bisexual. “It’s a pretty common story for us in the club.”

However, another common story for LGBT individuals and their friends is the alternate ending to McGrath’s story: crippling depression and suicide.

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I’m terrified of heights so I jumped out of a plane

I’ve never ridden a roller coaster or jumped off the high dive — but yeah, I jumped out of a plane. That’s usually the first thing I tell people after I went skydiving.

When they ask why I did it, I give them a simple but equally confusing response: “Because fear is boring.”

This answer requires a little explanation. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” writes an entire chapter called “Fear is Boring” in her book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.”

“Fear had no variety to it, no depth, no substance, no texture,” Gilbert writes. “Fear was a song with only one note — one word, actually — and that word was ‘STOP!’”

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