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Cousin Chart—Family Relationships Explained

  • Over 150,000 visits
  • Ranking #1 for keywords “Cousin Chart” (12,100 MSV) and first page of google for “cousin” (135,000 MSV)

Do You Have a Look-alike? Find Your Doppelgänger

  • Over 96,000 visits
  • Created over 10,000 public accounts
  • 64.7% of visitors clicked on the Call to Action
  • Ranking #1 or first page of google for “Find Your Doppelganger” (2,400 MSV)

Genealogy Made Easy: 16 Ideas under 20 Minutes

  • Over 99,000 visitors
  • Inspired and provided framework for a RootsTech 2020 class
  • Over 150 comments

Here’s a quick glance at the success of other articles I have written at FamilySearch:

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LDS Living

Pregnant and Widowed at 21: A Latter-day Saint Woman’s Story

  • Over 90,000 visitors
  • Average time spent on page was 7 minutes
  • Top 8 most-read article on LDS Living in 2019
  • Over 308 shares on facebook
  • Picked up by WidowLand podcast and local Utah and Idaho news

The Daily Universe

BYU students talk online Mormon ‘meet’ market

  • Won first place for best podcast in 2018 Society of Professional Journalists’ headliners contest
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