Vevano Home

Vevano Home is an eCommerce start-up that offers expert online interior design services and 20,000+ home improvement products.

Although I provided both content and technical SEO assistance on product pages, my main areas of focus were developing the Resource Center (blog), optimizing category pages, and strategizing new landing pages and brand voice.

Below I’ve highlighted just a few of my major SEO successes at Vevano:

Resource Center weekly organic traffic increased 1130.16% YoY

Under my direction, the resource center saw dramatic organic growth (795 users per week —>8,563 users), despite major technical issues during the first few months.

Additionally, our bounce rate, pages per session, and several other metrics saw major improvement YoY. Our average ranking position in Google improved from 39 to 19.

Sitewide, weekly organic traffic increased 321.89% YoY

Along with publishing blog content, I helped optimize 100+ category and product pages. These strategic SEO adjustments led to an overall organic lift sitewide (as seen above).

I increased ranking keywords from 13k to 60.1k in 12 Months

At the time I joined the company, Vevano Home was ranking for only ~13k keywords. Our re-optimization and content creation strategy resulted in a nearly 370% increase.

I generated $24,100 in Blog revenue in 3 months—up from $0.00 in the previous quarter.

In an effort to increase resource center conversion, I created coupon codes, added links to relevant products, and enhanced the design (see below). In the first quarter following these changes, the resource center generated nearly $25,000, as opposed to the $0 previous content generated.

The above design, a deviation from traditional blog content, helped generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

I enhanced high-opportunity articles with infographics

I noticed that content with original graphics ranked significantly faster than other articles. To test the theory, I identified several articles that needed an organic lift and designed original graphics to enhance performance.

In some cases, we saw exponential growth and determined to make infographics a key point in our strategy.

The following is organic user data for our bathtub material guide, one of the first articles we tested our theory on.

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